40+ Acts....... 2 Stages.......2 Days

$10 Entry......$10 Parking........


Saturday, Sept 22, 2018

Main Stage

11:00 – 11:40        Mississippi Gabe Carter

11:50 -12:30         Donna Herula

12:45 – 1:25         Black Oil Brothers

1:40 – 2:20          Jamiah Rogers Band

2:25 – 3:20          Joe Filisko & Eric Noden

3:35 – 4:15           Eddie Taylor Jr. Band

4:30 – 5:15           The Original Delta Fireballs featuring Geneva Red

5:30 – 6:15           Deak Harp & Quicksand

6:30 – 7:15           The NuBlu Band featuring Carlise Guy

7:15 - 7:35             FireChic The Exotic Fire Dancer

7:35 – 9:05       Willie Dixons Original Chicago Blues All-Star Band backing

                              The Chicago Blues Divas

                              Tomiko Dixon’s birthday

9:20 – 11:15      The Mike Wheeler Band

                              Nellie “Tiger” Travis

                              Lurrie Bell

Backwoods Stage

12:30 – 1:00         Bo Ricketts

1:10 – 1:50            Billy King Band

2:05 – 250           Queen Beautiful

3:05 – 3:50          Darren Jay and the Delta Souls

4:05 – 5:00         Fruteland Jackson

5:15 – 6:00           Nick Bell

6:15 – 7:00          Tyrannosaurus Chicken

7:15 – 8:00          Tawl Paul and the Dead or Alives

8:00 - 8:15          FireChic The Exotic Fire Dancer

8:15 - 9:00          Tawl Paul Alumni Jam

Sunday, Sept 23, 2018

Main Stage

12:00 – 12:45          Colin John and Long Tall Deb

1:00 – 1:45               Kilbourn Alley Blues Band

2:00 – 2:45              Ivy Ford

3:00 – 3:45              Demetria Taylor Band

4:00 – 5:10              Matthew Curry

5:30 – 7:00              Ben Miller Band

Backwoods Stage

12:30 – 7:00      

 Chicago Blues Challenge

Bands Included: Going Down South, SistahBethBlue, The Black Oil Brothers, The Jamiah Rogers Band, Darren Jay and the Delta Souls,  and The Reverend Bob Band, 

Solo/Duet: The Jenkins bros., Queen Beautiful, Rick Weeds  Coventry Jones

Saturday.... The Main Stage

Mississippi Gabe Carter

Gabe is the Boss Hog, the Big Dipper in ther constelation of Blues Stars. play the first song at the

MIssissippi Gabe Carter is the Heart and Soul of the blues in  our book.  The wCBS 

Donna Herula

Donna Herula is a long time friend of the WCBS,  Donna is authentic in her delivery of the blues. Her music is not replicated by anybody else in the blues.

 Donna has a passion for playin' traditional Delta and country blues as well as early Chicago blues Donna's web site

Black Oil Brothers

There’s a source in rock ‘n’ roll music, born in Mississippi’s delta, distilled in its hill country and raised on the streets of Chicago’s south side. The way The Black Oil Brothers see it,the blues is the truth, rock ‘n’ roll is the way, and outlaw country is the life.  Black Oils Bro's website


Jamiah Rogers Band

 The Jamiah Rogers Band is one of the Midwest's hottest bands and a favorite in the Chicago area. Jamiah is the guitar hero and vocalist, Dionte Skinner on drums, The "Deacon", Tony Rogers plays the bass guitar and back-up vocals.  The Jamiah Rogers has played the Chicago Blues Fest and other festivals around the country. This Kid is the future of Chicago Blues.

Joe Filisko & Eric Noden

  Joe Filisko and Eric Noden have been performing and recording music as a duo for well over a decade. Their original blues songs, train imitations and harmony singing are reminiscent of the 1920's and 30's when acoustic music was prevalent. Joe and Eric use their virtuosity and song writing skills to illustrate nearly forgotten styles of American Music.  Their Web site 

Eddie Taylor Jr. Band

Eddie Taylor is the stuff that the Chicsgo Blues are made of.  This ain't just words, it is the truth. The Taylors, The Morganfields, The Dixons , The Guys and The Brooks are about as Royal as it gets in Chicago blues.  Eddie Taylor jr. is gonna take you to a blues place near and dear to us all

Keep the party going

The Original Delta Fireballs featuring Geneva Red.

  Geneva Red  is one of the few female instrumentalists performing on the "blues harp" and leading her own band. Couple her outstanding harmonica ability, strong vocal talent, and high energy show, and you've got the chemistry that immediately establishes her as a rare and exciting performer. The influences of Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson I and II, Big Walter Horton, George "Harmonica" Smith, and Jimmy Reed are apparent in her own personal approach to her music.  

Deak Harp & Quicksand

Chicago Blues meets Mississippi Hill Country Blues.    Deak drenches one-chord Hill country blues with Chicago harmonica. Deak gives 110% to deliver a high-energy show that makes it a MUST see. Deak's web site


 THE NUBLU BAND has been performing dance, funk, pop, and R&B together for more than seven years. The band is headed by Carlise Guy, daughter of legendary Chicago blues musician Buddy Guy. They have performed with Buddy , all over Chicago, the midwest and over seas.  The NuBlu Band includes CARLISE GUY (lead vocals),MARK MADDOX (lead guitar), DAN HENLEY (drums), KENYATTA GAINES (back-up vocals), MICHAEL STERLING (bass guitar), and DAVID HOLLOWAY (keyboard). 

Tracy Adams, Brenda Taylor, Mz Reese & The Original Chicago Blues All-Star Band

Tracy Adams, Brenda Taylor, and Mz Reese make up the  Chicago Blues Queens.  These ladies are gonna heat the place up so be ready to call 911  (Somebody call Gordy)

Tomiko Dixon and The Original Chicago Blues All-Star Band

Willie Dixon’s legacy continues through his granddaughter Ms Tomiko Dixon  known as “The Granddaughter of the Blues”.  It willl be Tomiko's Birthday, so wish her happy birthday and dig her birthday blues.  It is oficially a party.

Nellie "Tiger" Travis

Nellie has pretty much paid her dues in the grind of a Chicago Blues Diva.  She is gutty, tough, soulful and real. If anybody is gonna "Slap a Weave Off" , It's gonna be Nellie

The Best in the Blues

Lurrie Bell

 Born in 1958, the son of famed blues harmonica player Carey Bell, Lurrie Bell picked up his father’s guitar at age of five and taught himself to play. He was clearly gifted. In addition, he grew up with many of the Chicago blues legends around him. Eddie Taylor, Big Walter Horton, Eddie C. Campbell, Eddie Clearwater, Lovie Lee, Sunnyland Slim, Jimmy Dawkins and many more were frequent visitors to his house. They all helped to shape and school him in the blues, but none as much as his father’s long-time employer Muddy Waters. 

 “If there is a Chicago Blues child who perhaps epitomizes the blues life, it’s Lurrie Bell…the premier guitarist in the Windy City.”
Boston Blues News 

SATURDAY.....Back Woods Stage

Bo Ricketts

 Bo plays the keyboard and has represented in the International Blues Challenge for the last 2 years for both Illinois and Indiana. Bo has a great sence of humor and his tunes telll a humorous tale in the life of  blues piano man. Bo served as Vice President of the Windy City Blues Society. 

Billy King

 Chicago born Billy King grew up in an environment where modern blues was evolving. The rural Mississippi Delta blues styles were being shaped by the influences of electric instruments and rock and roll.  Billy's raw edged style is a synthesis of traditional, acoustic. and electric blues influenced by his experiences on the mean streets of Chicago's South Side . 

Queen Beautiful

 Queen Beautiful is one of the few pioneers in the blues that seeks to bridge the gab between Blues and Hip Hop.  Queen uderstands to grow the blues , we have to grow our audience.  Her Blues are Chicago Urban, expansive and mind growing.

Daren Jay & The Delta Souls

Chicago – Darren Jay joined the U.S. Navy in 1996 . At age 28, Darren  left active duty to pursue his musical ambitions. By 2006 he reestablished himself in the Florida panhandle and was representing the Sunshine State in the 2008 IBC's. The following year Darren was based in Memphis.  In 2012 he self-released a new album titled “DRINK MY WINE”  and was president of the Memphis Blues Society for the previous 2 years. 

In the last 5 years Darren has been performing musically with Grammy Nominees, theatrically with Tony Nominees and on the small screen in your living room on Chicago Fire. 

Fruteland Jackson

 Electro-Fi recording artist Fruteland Jackson is a HistoryMaker (www.thehistorymakers.com). He is an author, storyteller and oral historian, Fruteland grew up in Chicago. He is a three time Blues Music Award Nominee and a recipient of the Blues Foundation’s “Keeping the Blues Alive” award.  Fruteland plays acoustic guitar with a focus on pre-war and post-war blues

Nick Bell

There is a party at the Harley Davidson Back woods Stage.

Tyrannosaurus Chicken

 Since "psychedelta" purveyors Rachel Ammons and Bob Lewis teamed up with The Ben Miller Band, chances to see the 2011 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase champions have been few and far between. They are here to remind us all that their band is still making its mad science, deconstructing the Delta blues and putting it back together with electric cactuses, kick drum rigs and whatever other instruments they've conjured up from the lab. This one's probably gonna get weird, and you're best advised to just give in and get weird right along with it.  

Tawl Paul and the Dead or Alives

 Tawl Paul   is an American treasure and a southern Illinois musical legend. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago living in public housing. Paul had the opportunity to see some of the most legendary bluesmen and women as a young man. A Vietnam veteran, Paul moved to Carbondale to attend college on the GI bill at SIUC. He soon began singing with local groups , and still does. Generations of Southern Illinois University students going back 45 years have seen him play in the various venues in and around Carbondale, Illinois on a weekly basis. A quiet and shy man by day turns into a blues howler at night. His shows have changed people's lives giving them memories they will never forget. Paul is making a rare appearance in Chicago so that the thousands of SIU alumni in the area and new fans alike can take advantage of a shorter trip to see him and The Dead or Alives wail into the night at the Windy City Blues Festival. Now doubt Paul will entertain any crowd, anywhere, anytime. Hey, Chile!

Sunday.... The Main Stage

Collin John & Long Tall Deb


Long Tall Deb and Colin John continue their genre-bending and refreshingly original sound with their new full-length album, DRAGONFLY. Together they have performed across Asia, Europe and North America and continue to license their songs in TV and film. The WCBS has known them since their initial performance at the IBC's in Memphis. These two are special, they played the WCBS Street stage at the 2015 Chicago Blues Fest with the Vizz Tone All-Stars. Buy The DRAGONFLY CD, it is real good music.

Kilborn Alley Blues Band


The Kilborn Alley Blues Band does gritty Chicago blues & southern fried soul for all generations of blues lovers. This music speaks for itself; better still, it convinces you to listen.

Andrew Duncanson - vocals, guitar
Josh Stimmel - guitar
Chris Breen - electric bass guitar
aTrain Wilson - drums, vocals

Ivy Ford


“It won’t be long until this rising young star is discovered by the movers and shakers in the blues music biz. And then you can brag that you knew her (Ivy Ford) when!”

Linda Cain

Ivy has some great pipes, knows her groove around a blues song and can run you over like an F 150 with her licks.  This chick plays the Git Fiddle like few others, and the attitude to boot !

Demetria Taylor Band

Born in Chicago in 1973, Demetria was  the seventh of eight  children born to Blues Legend Eddie Taylor Sr and wife Vera.  She grew up in a full house of siblings with a steady stream of Chicago Blues Icons. Demetria began to sing, like her mother, Vera did..  Demetria's vocals have a wide range that can tear the roof off the house or bring angels down to earth.... “I put God first and everything else will work out,” says Demetria. .

Matthey Curry Band

 We have known Matthew Curry  since he was a young 7 or 8 year old performing at the Luther Allison Blues Fest in Peoria.  He performed on the WCBS Street Stage in 2013.  Now he is the Guitar hero that we all knew he would be.  PETER FRAMPTON calls Matthew the 'next Guitar Hero" and STEVE MILLER says, "A wonderful guitar player and great songwritter in the Stevie Ray Vaugh era of song  virtuosity and originality.”  

Ben Miller Band

Detail your services

 Ben Miller Band did a recent tour opening for ZZ-Top and just finished a Tour with Buddy Guy.  This group in a Psycha-Delta Stomp - Blues Band that is going to make you move like you have the Saint Vitus Dance.  When you are done hearing this band, you will realize what you have been missing. 

Sunday... Harley-Davidson.... Chicago Blues Challlenge

Detail your services

Detail your services, run a tight ship, put on a great show. Take care of the details.

Musicians Assistance Fund

The WCBS has a musicians assistance fund.  Usually these funds go to honor a fallen blues person.  WE would love to have more money in this fund to do more with.  Our current fund balance is $1018 in this account

Whats Up with the What Up ?

 The Village of Lyons knows how to get the job done, The WCBS  operated the Street Stage in Blues Village for the last 7 years, @ The Chicago Blues Festival.  providing 22% of all live Blues performances at the Worlds Largest Free blues Festival.  We have experience with large festivals.

Whatz up Witda Whatz Up ?

What you been up to lately ?  Heard any good music?...."Man,.. I was at this Windy City Blues thing in Lyons, IL....It was off the chain." Tell us whatz up , drop an e-mail.  

Wishing You the Best

Happpy Halloween Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays. 


You know it's time to get up with the Get Down when the music keeps you from sitting your Butt Down.  You know it was a good music fest if you bust out an old dance move.